Field Notes

A few years ago I came across some little notebooks, called Field Notes, for sale at Powell’s Bookstore in downtown Portland. I did a little research about the folks that made the notebooks and realized that one of the guys behind them was a fellow Traverse City native turned Portland transplant, Aaron Draplin. Furthermore, even though I’d never met the guy, he was only a few years older than me and after reading a few pages of his book, I realized that we had a handful of mutual friends back in TC.

I love the pocket-sizedness of Field Notes and I’ve found myself using them on the daily. I carry one in my back pocket pretty much everywhere.

On top of being durable, uber handy notebooks, with the connection to Traverse City and Draplin, I instantly became a Field Notes fan. I even joined their subscription club.

There are loads of designs of the notebooks, but the most common is the standard kraft colored notebooks you can see above. They’re classic and perfect for every day carry.