Google Earth Pro

If you’re a race director and don’t already use Google Earth Pro to map out your courses and venues, you should.

Google Earth Pro is an amazingly powerful, free piece of software from Google. It’s essentially an über souped up version of Google Maps, but that’s not even a fair description.

In Google Earth Pro you can view all satellite imagery for just about the entire globe. You can interact with it by importing course files (kml files) and overlaying them on the map. You can draw to-scale lines and shapes (venue layout, anyone?). And can even import 3D model images to the map.

Need to recon a location for a possible course and measure a potential swim course? No problem. Need to figure out if there is enough square footage for your expo area at that one park you’ve been thinking about using? Done.

These are just a few of the more common tasks Google Earth Pro masters. Download a free copy for yourself today and check them all out.