I Forgot My Camera

As someone who really enjoys photography, whenever I go on vacations or trips to new or exciting places I always bring my camera gear with me. Being a dad nowadays doesn’t allow me to get out and take as many photos or videos I normally would have in the past, but at least I have my stuff with me.

My wife, daughter, and I traveled to the big island of Hawaii several months ago and I was focused on getting everything ready for our daughter, making sure we had everything she needed for the trip. I was thinking mostly about all the fun water activities we would do, and gear we would need to for that. I completely forgot a couple of items items I would normally consider must-haves.

One item was our GoPro. I remembered our snorkels and masks, fins, and beach towels. But I completely forgot to bring the GoPro for all that beach and underwater fun we would have. Well, it has been probably five or six years since I’ve purchased my current GoPro, so I told myself this was a great excuse for a new piece of gear.

As soon as I found a store that sold GoPro, which there are many, I picked up the GoPro Hero 7 black edition camera.

A full review will come later, but here’s a teaser shot of what I was able to capture a day later…