Long Hours

As a race director I’m used to working long, hard hours during the few days leading up to a race, and then on race day. Set up is physically challenging, and by the end of the day I’m exhausted, and often times very dehydrated. As challenging as this is, I’ve gotten used to it. There are lots of details that need to be tended to, and as an independent race organizer with a very small crew, I’ve got my finger on the pulse of every aspect of the event.

This week we’ve been moving houses. Just across town, but a move nonetheless. We still had to pack everything up and unpack it all. I’ve spent every spare minute between emails and phone calls stuffing boxes, and taking apart IKEA furniture.

The move finally happened today, and even though we hired a crew of three guys with a truck to do most of the moving, I’ve been going non-stop since about 8am (It’s 10pm as I type this) helping move stuff, packing the final boxes, and unpacking and moving things into place at our new house.

The tiredness I’m feeling right now feels just like race day. I’ve physically worked hard for over a dozen hours, barely looked at my phone all day, and now feel like I could fall asleep right here at my kitchen table as I clack away at the keys.

I’ll thank Endurance Evolution for training me so well to put in these kind of long hours. Zzzzzzzz.


Photo by Sam Solomon on Unsplash