Real, Honest, Writing

If you scroll through any of the major online news sources these days you’ll see lots of click bait headlines and articles with catchy titles. Don’t get me wrong, a well written title is rad, but when the title is the only well crafted piece of writing, I’d rather pass.

I really can’t stand those kinds of articles. I know they may gather more clicks or shares, but beyond that they don’t provide much actual insight or factual information.

I’m as guilty as the next writer in that I’d love to have lots of clicks, followers, retweets, etc. but first I’d rather create solid content. If no one reads this, that’s fine by me. In fact l, every day when I sit down to write, I make sure I’m writing in a fashion that *I* would want read, and not in a way that will garner the most social response. It can be rough sometimes, but it’s a critical part of my writing process.