When you find yourself in a new place, be it as a traveller just passing through, or in a neighborhood you’ve just moved into, there’s no better way to learn the new place than by going for a run. As I’ve travelled throughout my life , throwing on my running shoes and going for a run really helps orient me to my new surroundings.

When I travel abroad, in Spain for example, I’ll go for a run through the little city or village where I’m staying and explore all the little side streets and plazas.  This is super helpful for when I actually go out to tour the city later on in the day with my family.  I’ve already had a quick preview of the lay of the land, and am better able to guide us around.

You can also see so much more on foot, that you might not see from a car, train, or tour bus.  The speed of running and lets you soak in the sights more deeply.

Photo: Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain