Support is a bit part of most, if not all, businesses.  Customers have questions and have help.  Business clients need help.  And when these customers and clients need help, they turn to the support team for the software, hardware, etc.

But, what about when you need support in your every day life?  There’s no “” email address you can send a note to.  There’s no support portal with a chat bot waiting to assist you.

You need to create your own support team.  Maybe your team will be made up of a few select friends, your spouse, or even a professional counselor.  No one bats an eye when you send a support request off to a tech company for help figuring out their product.  Nor should any one bat an eye when you “send a support request” off to your own support team.

We all need a little help sometime, and it can be hard to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask.  Don’t be ashamed. Just make that call, send that text, or grab coffee with someone to talk.