Take a Step Back

As we climb the ladder of our careers, and the ladder of our lives for that matter, we often forget to step back and look at how far we’ve come.  We’re only looking at our immediate surroundings, and the relatively small improvements or advancements we’ve most recently made.

I recently did a handful of TV and other media interviews for a big race directing job I’m doing. Today I watched a video of one of those interviews.  The video was posted on a friend’s social media timeline, and for some reason in that context it allowed me to see myself from an outside perspective and see just how far I’ve come in my career as a race director.  I’ve never felt like I’ve “finally made it” yet in my career, and knowing myself, I probably never will feel that way.  I always feel like I have more to accomplish until I’ve “made it”.

Well, today as I watched that interview I realized just how much I have accomplished.  From helping put on a 5K race with the triathlon club when I was in graduate school at Michigan State University, to now being the race director for one of the largest endurance event companies in the world – I’ve come a long way.

Photo by Biao Xie on Unsplash