Technology Must-Haves: Part 1

We all live our lives surrounded by technology these days. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, and so much more. I am especially fond of the latest new hardware and software, but there are a few pieces of tech that I find myself coming back to day in and day out.

Of all the tech related things I use everyday, trying to figure out what the most used or most useful one is is pretty easy. If we look past the fact that we all use our cellphones dozens (or hundreds) of times a day, my number one technology must have is definitely Apple Reminders.

On a typical day I tell Siri, ” Hey Siri, remind me to XYZ tomorrow at 11:00am.” at least a a dozen times.

Deet-deet.”Ok, I’ll remind you to XYZ tomorrow at 11:00am”

This feature saves me tons of time every day. Sometimes Siri doesn’t quite hear me correctly, and “remind me to call Sam after lunch” turns into “call salmon lunch” or something similar, but I typically never edit it. Whenever a reminder pops up on my phone, and it’s gibberish I read it out loud and it always makes sense. I just need a quick mental prompt and that’s enough.