No one is reading this…now.

My blog is pretty young as I write this.  I’ve written several posts over the past several years, just like most people who want to start a blog. Recently I’ve committed to creating a positive writing habit, where I write at least a little something every day.  I’m almost a month in, and have just about 30 posts on the site now.

Right now I know no one is reading. I know it because my website stats tell me so.  I know this because, well, why would someone be here reading this?  I’m not known as a writer.  I’m not known as a real expert in anything.  I don’t syndicate my posts anywhere.

And I’m cool with the fact that no one is reading.  In fact I’m kind of glad no one is reading.  My writing is still rough.  I don’t spend hours crafting my posts. But I’m posting. Every. Day.

Done is better than perfect.

Hopefully the content gets better over time, but it definitely won’t get better if there is no content. So I’ll keep writing.