Every day I grow more and more aware of the importance of being a patient person. I’m still a fairly impatient person. But I’d like to think that over the last nearly three years of marriage and year and a half as a father that I’ve become more patient.

I note the two reasons above (marriage and fatherhood) because those have really been the two changes in life that have “forced” me to become more patient. Before I was married, life was all about me, what I wanted, and when I wanted it.

In order to have a successful relationship of any kind, be it a marriage or just a friendship, you have to be more patient and understanding. Likewise with fatherhood, patience with a little person that just simply doesn’t understand social norms, or have any frame of reference at all about how the world works, patience is critical.

Hopefully through that patience I can show my kids how the world works, and maybe even teach them a little patience as well.