Race Director Stress

Even after over ten years of race directing, I still get stressed out before each race. The amount of stress, however, has significantly diminished over that same time. I think some of it is because I’m older, and have a different perspective about what I should really be stressed out about. And, most certainly I’m less stressed because I have a great staff who helps run our events. When Eric Tingwall and I started Endurance Evolution over a decade ago, we served as race directors, the marketing department, registration team, customer support crew, social media managers, and just about every other job associated with putting on a race. The night before a race I had about a hundred things going on in my head. “Make sure to print the volunteer sheets. Don’t forget to pack a few extra cones in the morning. Make maps for course marshals.” and on and on it went.

Tonight, on the eve of the 8th annual Glen Arbor Solstice Half Marathon & 5K, I was reflecting on what a great team of leaders I have here at Endurance Evolution, and how fortunate I am.

Jason Whittaker leads up our timing services team. He also manages all of our online registration and takes care of the majority of our customer support emails.

Tricia Davies is our operations manager. She does pretty much everything. Permits, volunteer organization, sponsor relations, packet pick up, merchandise ordering, and so, so much more.

Mike Decker has stepped up to be our newly added course director this season. Mike manages all our course logistics on race day. Without Mike, I’d be out there on course mid-race putting out any fires that come up.

Ryan LaMott is a critical part of our timing crew. He labels and attaches timing chips to just about every single bib for all the races we time. Well, his kids may help out a little bit, but I’ll still count that.

Several years ago I was doing all of those jobs. I don’t know how I did it, and I don’t know how our company has been so successful over the past 11 years.

Actually, I do know. It’s because of good people.