Snoo: part 2

About a week ago I wrote a quick post about the Snoo, and the high hopes I had for it. This is just a quick post to say that we’re glad we chose the rental option over purchasing.

The quick version of the story is that our daughter never really warmed up to the Snoo that well, and there were a few product features we weren’t aware of.

First of all, the device is constantly and always “rocking” the baby back and forth, even when they’re silent and sleeping. Also, the white noise that accompanies the rocking is always on, too. That means white noise all night long for baby, and mom and dad, assuming they baby is in the same room, which many are for the first six months of life.

We did get a little more used to the noise after a day or so, but the fact that our kid is constantly exposed to the noise even when she doesn’t need it was not what we had hoped for. It seemed to be setting her up for failure once she outgrew the Snoo.

Finally, the fancy bassinet only calmed our crying kiddo down about a third of the time. Yeah that’s better than 0%, but not worth the cost in our mind. We’ll keep the thing until the first month of rental is over, but we’ll be sending it back after that.