The Lopsided Keyboard

Have you ever taken a moment to notice that the keyboard on most, if not all laptops is not centered or symmetrical?  I am most shocked about this on the MacBook Pro I’m typing not right now.  This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed this, but I thought about how detail oriented Apple is, and how they seem to think about every little thing when designing their products.

One could say that this is a situation outside of Apple’s control, since most keyboards have a standard layout, no matter where you find them.  But given that Apple often comes up with novel ways to solve problems that most of us didn’t even know existed, this seems like low hanging fruit.  Especially with the advent of the Touch Bar on the last few rounds of their laptops.

As a super type A person, I love perfection, symmetry, and order.  Now I can’t help but notice that my hands clacking away on the keys are shifted slightly to the left.  Meh.