When Do I Work??

I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can work from just about anywhere. Most of the time I work from home. I’m also lucky to have two great daughters, one of which is only 13 weeks old right now, and I also take care of her while I work. Well, lately it’s been more taking care, and much less working.

Next weekend is the Traverse City Triathlon and I’ll be heading back to TC in a few days. I’ll also be attending to a few Ironman 70.3 Traverse City meetings in TC as well. The plan for those meetings is to have all manuals and plans in place. That means I need to make sure said manuals are complete. This has been a challenge with a 13-week old who only gives me about 90 minutes of work time throughout the day.

The answer: late nights when everyone else (most importantly the kiddos) is asleep. That’s why it’s midnight at the moment, and I’m up writing manuals (and blog posts). Early mornings would be my preferred time to work but the little one likes to get fussy starting around 3:30 am, so night time it is.