When Streaking Becomes Stressful

As I have talked about ad nauseam around this blog, I love streaking. Streaking is a huge motivation for me, and it’s many times one of the biggest motivating factors for me.

Sometimes, though, the stress of a streak can grow too much. Well, not the stress of the streak itself, but the stress of “oh my gawd, I have a streak of 57 days in a row of writing…I can’t miss today!” when life just throws one of those days at me and I just can’t even find five minutes to write.

It has happened.

The kind of day where after getting into bed, and trying to type out a quick blog post on the WordPress app on my phone, I promptly pass out. Only to wake up in the morning, phone on my chest, dead, because I never plugged it in, and a barely started post still open in the app.

These are the days where I know I’m super busy, and I know I’m going to be hard pressed to get any writing done, and I stress about it all afternoon and into the evening. These are the days streaking becomes stressful.

These should be the days where I say, “look, you were dealt a tough day today, and you’re not gonna be able to get any writing in this evening. It’s ok. You still have 57 days in a row of writing, and tomorrow those 57 days will still be there and you can start a new streak.”

Should be. But as a streaker, my mindset is get it done at all costs.

Sometimes it’s good to shed the weight of a long streak, however, and these are also good moments for that.